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    E7300 temp sensor question, basis for an RMA?


      My E7300's temperature sensor on core 1 seems to have a problem, it will not read any lower than 51c at any time at all. It will go up when the temp exceeds 51 degrees however. The sensor on core 0 functions properly, at idle on the stock HSF it stays in the neighborhood of 31c or so. When stress testing both cores read about 55c. It bothers me that the lower threshold of that core 1 sensor stays stuck at 51c when I am certain it is much cooler than that at most times. CoreTemp, HWmonitor and Motherboard Monitor all give similar results. I have tried my E7300 on 3 different boards also and that core 1 sensor stays stuck at that 51c lower threshold on all 3. My E5200 on all 3 boards and all 3 monitoring programs works just fine on both cores.


      Is this covered under the warranty? The CPU works just fine otherwise, it just annoys me to never see that core read cooler than 51 degrees.