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    UDMA Mode 2 in Windows 7RC dg965wh - shouldn't it be UDMA Mode 5


      Configuration: dg965wh w ich8 controller - 6 sata ports, e6400 processor, 4gb 800 mhz ram, evga video card, dual boot xp home & win 7 RC build 7100- 2 WD 10000RPM Sata Drives: 1 -300gb Sata2, 2nd 74gb Sata1 on first 2 ports.


      Windows xp recognizes my hard drives and configures them as UDMA mode 5 on IDE Channels using a mixture of intel and microsoft drivers.


      Win 7 RC recognizes my hard drives and configures them as UDMA mode 2 on ATA channels with all microsoft drivers.


      Am i missing an intel driver for my drives in Wiin 7? which driver controls the SATA controller?


      Shouldn't the drives run in UDMA mode 5 - the same as XP? Any advice or help in increasing the transfer rate would be greatly appreciated. The only drivers i installed in win7 was an early chipset driver and the drivers that install with Intel desktop utilitities, and the management engine interface (in vista compat mode) by advice of a post here. The rest of the drivers came with windows 7: audio, video card, etc. What drivers do i need to install in windows 7?


      thanks very much for your help

      - regards