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    New Board D955XBK & D processor Nothing Works! Help

      Bought a new ( discontinued board ) D955XBK and a Pentium D processor.  put everything together, plugged it in and all that happens is the fans spin for a second and thats it!  I started by taking everythying out and slowy testing, still same thing.  I replaced power supply, same thing.  took it to a "computer doc" who told me I fried the board and chip because the heat sink wasnt completely locked to the processor!  Can this be true? is there no safety items built into the board ( or processor ) to say "hey, its getting way to hot quickly shut down"  Power light stays on the motherboard.  Just not sure if I REALLY did fry 230 dollars or what.


      any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Hi, I have the same board as you and im pretty sure it does detect if it is too hot. If it is fried or w/e it could have been due to static when you assembled it, but that shouldnt happen if you are reasonably careful and ground yourself once and a while. Hmm, so you have tried reseating the CPU and the ram? Is the CPU from a new sealed box? maybe it is messed up from before you bought it. What kind of heatsink are you using? maybe it does not meet the TDP requirement of the processor. I use an 820 pentium D at 2.8ghz it's tdp is 95W if yours is faster it may be quite a bit higher and require a better heatsink.