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    nVidia 7900 GS & GT causes problem with DG965WH


      Good Evening All,


      I have an Intel DG86WH Mobo with a P4 3.4GHz CPU.  Up till recently I had 8 gig in it using the onboard video and running Windows XP Pro SP3.  I was given a gift of a nVidia 7900GS and 7900GT.  So throwing caution to the wind I install the GS with dual dvi ports and proceed to power up the unit.  Well it wouldn't boot not even a glimmer.  So I took out 2 of the gig modules and it boot, but it does not like the dvi ports since it won't display any images when I use either dvi port on the 7900GS.


      Can ANYONE explain why I have to lose 4 gig to make the card run and secondly, both of the cards do not reliably show the video.  I even checked the bios to make sure I had the PCI-E selected.  It also seem to be really SLOW at times.  I d/l'd the latest and greatest from nVidia for their drivers, but I'm losing ground here.  I hope someone can tell me what I'm overlooking or what I'm doing wrong.


      I'd really like to get my system back with 8 gig in preparation for Windows 7, and get the 7900's to run like a ***** ape.


      I have a 320 gb SATA drive, so if any one can offer any opinions I'd be greatly appreciated.  And please feel free to contact me if you need more information.






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