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    e8400 possible overheat

      I recently built a new computer using a Core 2 Duo e8400 on an Asus p5q motherboard.  However, the cpu is always being reported at being at 88C to 100C.  I have read that the e8400 don't have the greatest temperature sensors, and that they're often reported as running hotter than they really are.  The heatsink doesn't feel that hot after running it, but maybe I'm not giving it enough time to absorb the heat.  Any thoughts on what I should do?

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          Hi there,

          Check the CPU temperature in the BIOS.

          Check the Thermal Specification for the CPU if it is still within the range of operation.
          Get your CPU sl number and search in the link below.
          Website: http://processorfinder.intel.com/default.aspx



          If it is much over the range then, check the following:

          Check with board manufacturer for CPU compatibility as sometimes CPUs with different SL number are not validated.

          Contact the board manufacturer whether they have any bios fix regarding this.

          Make sure that you have a PSU Atx Version 2.2 at least. (Intel Boards)
          Make sure that the chassis is TAC - Thermally Advantage Chassis
          Check for proper aeration in the chassis. (cable)
          Re-integrate the cpu with new small amount of thermal paste (clean the cpu before)
          Check and test the system out of the chassis and see if it behaves the same way


          For Intel boards, there is their own monitoring, unfortunately, i dont have any information for your board.

          3 Series and 4 Series (new boards) should use:
          Intel Desktop Utilities:


          Hope this helps a bit.

          Kind Regards,