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    fan speed control on S5500WB motherboard


      It is unclear what is required to have fan speed control on this MB.

      There are 3 120mm fans with 4 wire interfaces.  The 3 fan connectors are connected to CPU1, CPU2, and a connector close to cpu 1 socket (dont have the name in front of me)


      The MB has an SSI 24pin connector and pin 20 is chassis intrustion.

      The chassis presents a 2-pin connector (red-black) and that twisted pair goes to a single chassis microswitch that is closed by the chassis lid.

      Is it intended that the 2 wire connector be separated and one wire connected to ground and other wire connected to pin 20?


      Are there selections on the temp sensor(s) which need to be made to engage fan speed control?




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          Lets see if i can break this down.


          Fan speed control is based on the system SDR file which needs to be loaded and configured before any fans speed control is enabled. Most systems using the S5500WB have 4 fans. 2 CPU and 2 memory. Sounds like yours onlys has 3 fans? You need to know which are connected as the SDR loading tool will ask about each fan (if you select "other")


          Yes - SSI Front panal connector ( J1E2) pin 20 is the chassis signal line.PIN 13 & 17 are GND. I don't recall if it is requires an active high or active low. I believe low to indicate a chassis intrusion.


          There is an option for a front panel temp sensor, but it is not required for fan speed control