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    D946GZis Desktop board, several issues.



      • My system specs are:
      • D946GZis Intel Mother Board
      • Dual Core Intel Proccesor 3.06ghz
      • Kingston DDR2 4gb of memory (2x2gb)
      • ATI HD 4890
      • Windows 7 64bit
      • PSU Super Flower 900wats

      • Bios Update

      The first issue that I'm experiencing is being unabled to create a boot disk, it wont boot wether or not I set up the device to boot first in the list. I can't flash using the windows version, because it don't accept windows 7 OS.

      This seems to be causing windows to dectect my ATI HD 4890 as an ATI HD 4870.

      • Drivers Update

      I'm experiencing high latencies in world of warcraft, Blizzard says that I should try to update the drivers to a newer version, but at difference of many drivers of windows vista that works with windows 7, Intel's drivers won't even let the setup start. My nic is a INTEL 100 PRO/VE Network Connection.

      • Memory frequency change

      Whenever I  switch to the maximum frequency in the bios, the system wont boot.


      Anyone knows how I could solve this issues?


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