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    RAID Speed


      Are these speeds OK for 2 x Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH080G2C1 2.5" 80GB in RAID 0?



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          I have seen higher values in the sequential / 512k department, but only slightly. One guy posted a screenshot with a sequential result just over 500MB/s for a RAID-0 setup like yours for instance. But this might just be because of controller / platform differences, so I suppose your result should be pretty good and in line with what is usually being achieved.

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            I was a bit curious about the 4K read speed. shouldn't it be higher than the write speed?

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              These were my results on a DFI - P45 ICH10.




              Since I've experienced that one ssd becomes disconnected after a while (System freeze) and gets set as failed during Post I've been in touch with the Intel Hotline.

              The help was not really what I expected, but now they are aware. I've RMA'ed the (twice) failed drive.

              I hope that you do not have the same problem with your setup.

              What chipset (Board) and OS u use?