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    S3000AH LSI Raid controller model - firmware


      Hi there,


      Does anybody know which LSI Embedded chip model sits on this Motherboard? I tried everywhere.

      I'm wondering about this link:



      From release notes:


      Supported LSI® add-in SAS adapters:
      - LSISAS3041e-R, LSISAS3041x-R, LSISAS3081e-R, LSISAS3442e-R, LSISAS3442x-R, LSISAS3081e-R, LSISAS3081x-R
      These images/updates are provided so these adapters can be easily updated on EPSD systems using efi with the same revisions supported for EPSD onboard components.
      However, the latest/tested FW/OpROM images are available from http://www.lsi.com.


      It makes me wonder if can I try lsi.com, but I dont have a clue about which on is, like LSISASXXXXXX.


      Thanks for any help