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    Win 7 and Intel GMA965 Express(x3100)


      While I do love intel's products - keep my fingers crossed for the gpu developement of theirs -  I do think they should work a bit more on the video card drivers.

      I have recently installed win 7 on my lenovo 3000 n200, which has a t2390 processor, an intel x3100, and 2 GBs of ram. It works very well save for a few annoying things. First of, the screen blinks during games. Very swiftly, at first I thought it's just the gadgets acting up... But even after I turned them off it kept doing this. Of course the latest driver for win 7 64 bit is on. This is noticable in all games. Some more frequent like Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne - which is refusing to be stretched to fullscreen, leaving the rest of 1280 black, using only 1024 of it - , some less frequent like Warhammer 40k: Soulstorm. Also, Heroes 5 tribes of the East reuses to run, complaining about a missing dx9  .dll file. Even when running in win xp compatibility mode.

      Though there are pros in this change of os-es. Now that my card has 3 times more memory allocated to it, everything run much more better!

      The only thing keeping me kind of disappointed is this blinking.

      Please, either show me what I am doing wrong, or work on the driver just a little bit more and solve the problem.

      So that I can play on my laptop once again!

      Thank you.