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    Audio problem in DG965RY board

      I am using Intel DG965RY motherboard. I have connected my speakers to the rear audio jack and headphones to the front jack. When i set the default audio device as speakers in control panel, Sound comes through both speaker and headphone. When I set it as Headphones ( front jack) sound comes only through headphones.

      Mine is IDT HD audio. I want the speakers to be automatically muted when I connect my headset to the front jack. Any idea how to do that? btw, i cannot find such an option in the IDT HD Sound programme. The only option is to manually disable the rear jack in the IDT HD Sound programme after connecting the headphone.

      Also, I can't find the multistream option in the IDT HD Audio.(My board supports multistreaming, still).

      Can anyone help me, please....


      [I am using Windows 7 and the latest drivers from Intel Support]

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          yo tengo un problema con la linea de entrada. no se puede configurar ni se puede habilitar. por lo que veo son muchos los problemas de audio que tienen high definition audio con windows 7. Recien hable con un tecnico de intel por chat y me dijo que no van a solucionarlo que tengo que adquirier otro hard compatible. quiero que tengan en cuenta que el resto de las empresas si esta dando soporte como corresponde ej. assus,msi,gyga,etc. espero una pronta respuesta. y seria.

          I have a problem with the input line. can not be configured or can be enabled. I see many audio problems that have high definition audio with windows 7. Latest speak with an Intel technical for chat and told me not going to solve that I bought another hard compatible. I want to take into account that the other companies if this instance giving support accordingly. Assus, msi, gyga, etc.. I expect a prompt response. and serious.