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    SS4200-EHW Windows Home Server


      I have bought an Intel entry level SS4200-EHW server.  I have been trying to install Windows Home Server and it always fails with the message, "The system cannot find the path specified, error code 0x80070003."


      I then check the log and it reports that it is unable to find qs.ini.  All the notes I have been able to find about this problem indicates that you must leave the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.  I am doing that however what I have found is that the DVD drive no longer is able to read the DVD, it appears that there is nothing in the drive.  I have tried other DVDs as well as CDs and it does not recognize any media.  This is the same drive I have installed from up to this point at the very end.


      If I click on the DVD drive it responds with, "I Drive is not accessible, Incorrect Function."