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      I have an crappy situation w/ my motherboard (DG965WH). I have talked with Microsoft to figure out if this is their issue or not and I've zeroed in on the problem. I originally had windows vista ultimate on my machine and everything had worked fine for two years but one day my computer just shut down and would not turn back on. I had tried multiple times to reinstall vista ultimate but it would get to a certain point where it would just stop and the install would fail. So one of my buddies lent me a copy of windows xp. That worked totally fine... until I installed all of the drivers for my motherboard. It worked fine until I got to a certain install, the driver for the Lan:Intel Pro network connections driver for intel desktop boards. Thats when my computer got F'd up again. So I went and bought a new network card and now xp works fine. But I want to use Vista ultimate... does anyone have any ideas... I don't want to try to download that driver again unless I know its gonna work. Thanks!