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    S5520HC FAN Problem

      Hello to all,


      I have S5520HC server board and 1CPU E5520 with STS100C heatsink, and NON-Intel server chasis.

      Now after BIOS update the FAN is working in Full capacity, before update the fan worked very quietly.


      How can i fix this problem ?


      Thank you very much.

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          Hi there,


          When the fan are spinning too loud, it can be due to:
          1. Wrong system fans are connected on the board.
          2. Incompatible chassis and wrongly configured SDR.
          3. Compatible chassis with a wrongly configured SDR
          4. Bios Settings wrongly configured.


          I will personally try to check if the chassis is on the compatibility list and the system fan headers are correctly connected.

          Then update the following:
          Reboot, and verify BIOS settings


          EFI Update Procedures:

          Download the EFI package firmware onto your desktop:

          Latest package available from the Website:


          Extract the zip files.
          Copy all the extracted contents in the folder to a FAT-FORMATTED USB (ROOT DIRECTORY of the usb)
          Insert the USB to the target machine.
          Boot the system into the BIOS (F2)
          Go to Boot Manager
          Select the EFI Shell and press Enter
          It will automatically boot onto the EFI shell.
          Once on the EFI shell, the shell will look for the file startup.nsh automatically in the USB.
          If it does not find the startup file, try another USB.
          It will load the firmware package automatically and you just need to follow the instructions.

          It will ask you to select the chassis model, since it is 3rd party chassis select Other Chassis when doing the SDR firmware update.
          Follow the instructions
          Make sure to mention which system fans have been connected.


          After the update of these firmware, i will go onto the bios and Advanced, System Acoustic and Performance Configuration, Throttling Mode set to Open Loop, Set fan profile as Acoustic and Altitude set 300 or less.


          Other than this, next steps will be to verify the sel log and verify the release notes of the firmware if there is anything mentionned.


          Hope these are useful,



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            I had the same problem, but I have 2 processors.


            The solution was :


            --> Put 5 collers, 1 cooler for each processor, 1 coller plugged in connector 1 , 1 coller plugged in connector 3 and 1 coller plugged in connector 5


            --> I put a jumper in Instrusion Switch Connector.


            This solve my problem (my chassi is a NON-INTEL)


            I hope this solve your problem


            Best Regards,


            Carlos Dutra