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    How do i activate digital display output with headless boot ?


      I use my AOPEN 945GM equipped motherboard for remote access regularly. Occasionally i need to reboot with no monitor attached, but when i come to attach a monitor and try to use the machine locally, there is no display and there is no way to activate the display which means i cant shut it down properly and have to pull the plug while various development tools are running potentially corrupting lots of files. I cant tell where the problem lies, is it AOPEN BIOS, INTEL 945GM FIRMWARE, DVI HARDWARE or DVI DRIVER problem ? It happens with both intel 945GM onboard graphics and XFX NVIDIA 7600GS PCI-X graphics - my digital display connects using DVI-D connection. My motherboard is AOPEN i945GMm-hl. My OS is Windows XP PRO SP2. Is it because my chipset is designed for a laptop and there is no solution to this problem ? If so, will the problem get fixed if i replace the motherboard with a desktop chipset ?