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    Need Help with Chipset Driver... Intel i5 4690k


      Hi everyone.


      On the 14th of May I upgraded my gaming rig with a new motherboard, graphics card and processor.


      Originally I had a Intel i3 2120k and upgraded to a Intel i5 4690k.


      My question is that ever since I upgraded them and installed the drivers via CD for motherboard and card, updates ect the Action Center on Windows 8.1 says "Instal your chipset driver".


      I clicked this and went to the website it linked me too:


      Intel® Download Center


      I downloaded this and when it finishes it says some generic error occurred with this code "intel smart connect error code 2753"


      I googled this and someone on this forum had the same issue and the answer was that someone else uninstalled the old and reinstalled the new.


      Im not sure what to do in this case as I don't want to delete the wrong thing. My guess is that I have to remove the old i3 data from my hard drive?


      Anyway thanks for reading and if I need to provide screenshots or additional info please let me know.