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    s5000svn bad performance




      I am experiencing horrible performance form an S5000xvn board with 12 GB of RAM and a single Xeon 5060 processor. The application used is Autodesk Inventor 2009.


      The performance is so bad it is being beaten by a laptop by almost twice the speed for the same task.


      Jeff Loucks

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          Performance is going to depend on a lot of things - are you pegging the CPU, maxing out the read/write on the hard drive, maxing out your memory usage?

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            The memory is not fully utilized. Only 2.5 GB of 12 GB.


            The application we are testing is single threaded therefore we are getting up to one CPU of performance.


            HDD Performance does not seem to influence the issue. Nor Does Graphics.


            We are testing the following two computers side by side.



            Mobile T7400 wiht 2 GB RAM

            Intel Express Graphics



            Xeon 5060 with 12 GB RAM

            Nvidia Quadro FX1500


            the Laptop performs the Autodesk Inventor Job in 3 minutes.

            The Workstation perofms exactly the same job in 6 minutes.


            I suspect it is a driver issue although it could be a revision number issue. Our client has a total of 6 of these workstations and they are not happy.

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              What task is the Autodesk Inventor Job performing?

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                Hi Jefff,

                thanks for the question.

                Looks like the application is Autocad kind of s/w which depends on the OS .

                1. what is the OS running?

                2. Make sure you have updated all the f/w(BIOS/FRUSDR/BMC).


                give more details to diagnosis the issue,

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                  We have updated all of the Firmware to most current. No Change.


                  We have tested with Windows XP 32 and 64 and Windows 7 64. Windows 7 performs 20% better but there is it is still 2 times slower that the laptop.


                  Jeff Loucks

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                    If you're not pegging the memory, CPU, or hard drive; then the server hardware isn't going to help the speed of this program at all.

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                      Depending on the CPU BIOS confihuration and the number of processors seen because of hyperthreading and dual core, the CPU shows a maximum of 100% on one core. If there are 4 CPUs the workload is 25% The application is not multi-threaded. But having said that, both the laptop and the wrokstation are multi-core CPUs. The Laptop has a much slower frontside bus and CPU.


                      I know you keep wanting to say this is not a problem but it is a problem and I have spent weeks trying to find a solution. I don't appreciate answers which say this is not a problem. This server handles single threaded applications really badly.

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                        No one is saying it's not a problem.  But it doesn't make sense to play around with hardware, if hardware isn't the problem; does it?