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    i5 processor overheating "I think"


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      I have just built a new computer from NewEgg and "finally" got the Vista Home to load.  It was crashing before I even could get Vista installed.  Long story short I have replaced the video card and didn't help.  I pulled one Corsair 2 G memory module and finally loaded Windows Vista.  When I put the other Corsair 2G memory module in the Intel board it crashes.  I downloaded speedfan and the processor was running at 54 C, I took the stock fan up, re-installed the Artic 5 thermal compound getting a very thin coat and it runs at 51C now, but I watched the cores go right up to 85C and then the computer crashed.  Do I need an aftermarket cooler for the processor?  I admit the stock fan doesn't look very good?  Oh, I am using a DP55WB desktop board also.

      Thanks for any help I can get?