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    DP55WB & Core i5 + Win7 + Speedstep = BSOD when idle


      I recently built 2 machines both with Intel DP55WB Motherboard, Core i5 750, Corsair 1333 4GB (2GBx2), Win7.   One computer has a 405w Enermax PSU, the other has a 750w Corsair PSU.   Both are running Win7 64 bit.

      With Intel Speedstep / C1 State / Turbo Mode enabled, they can run prime95 stable for 24+ hours, but they BSOD when idle.   If I disable Speedstep / C1 State / Turbo Mode, the machines are rock solid stable at load or idle.    Has anyone else encountered this issue with crashing when idle?

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