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    New DP43TF- Turns on for 10 secs, then off for five, then back on forever, but no boot.

      Strange problem, and I've tried everything I can think of.  Gone through all the steps. New Mobo, new power supply (400w), same RAM and video card from old computer (but newer components), new HDD, new DVD.  I never get a video signal from computer.  With just keyboard and video plugged in, I'll turn it on. It stays on for 9-10 seconds, then turns off. Five seconds later, it turns on again and stays on, but still no boot. No error codes either. I've gone through checking the RAM, disconnecting the HDD and DVD, even the video card.  Tried booting with only the keyboard plugged in.  No beeps, nothing.  It does exactly the same thing regardless.  I've even redone the heat sink fan.


      What started this rebuild was a power surge that fried the old mobo. I was able to boot up but things were whacky.  But I was able to boot up and use windows XP to a limited extent.  So I'm pretty sure the CPU is fine. But the slave drive I had wasn't recognized, among other problems.


      Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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          Ouch.. A power surge can cause unseen damage that may or may not stop it from functioning.


          First things first, what type of video card is it? Have you tried a different video card? It may not be that your video card is damaged, it may be that its unsupported or has other problems with that mother board. Also, I would try a different video card and if it works, update the BIOS and then try plugging your old card back in and see if it works.


          Many newer 4x/5x motherboards, depending on the BIOS/components, will turn off after you first turn it on, and then power back on automatically so this is expected behavior.

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            Thanks for replying.  The video card was working fine with the older motherboard.  It's in the PCIe slot- a GeForce 7600 DDR2 512mb ram.  Has a fan, but doesn't require extra power from power supply, it runs off the mobo. Unfortunately, I don't have another video card that is compatible with this mobo to try out. I've tried booting without the video card just to get an error beep but don't even get that.  It does exactly the same thing- turns off after five seconds, off for ten, then turns back on by itself and stays on until I turn it off.  No beeps or anything.  Frustrating.


            The only thing left after the power surge is the ram (other than video card), which worked well after the surge.  I've also gone through each one, testing one by one. No change.