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    GLSL compatibility?


      Hello everybody!


      I have windows vista business and a graphics card "Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family".


      Can somebody tell me if I can use GLSL with it?



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          Problem solved!

          I manage to install an intel driver, even if it was "not validate for this computer" and GLSL is supported.

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            It is good that you found a solution to your issue.



            - What does GLSL mena? Open GL Shading Language?

            - Which system do you have?

            - Which driver have you installed?


            Hope you understand that your answer may help others.


            Kind Regards,


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              If I may interject, GLSL is indeed the OpenGL Shading Language, and past intel integrated chipsets have been unable to run programs using GLSL shader resources. I too had trouble with them until I installed Windows 7 and updated to the latest Intel drivers. I must say that Dell laptops come with the worst bloatware I have ever seen, and a fresh install of Windows was just what the doctor ordered.


              To any and all who have GLSL trouble, uninstall whatever the company who made your laptop put on there and install Intels drvers for best performance.