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    SRCU42X and Failed Drive


      Hi, I have a problem with getting a drive to be seen.  What happened was I took a drive out of the RAID1 array (I also have a RAID5 array on this controller) because I needed to use it in a test on another system.  When I brought it back to the original system and reinserted it nothing happened.  I selected Power Up and then Rebuild.  Rebuild immediately failed so I tried Make Online.  At the point the whole server died.  So I took out the drive in question and restarted without any problems.  When I look at the Properties of the drive I see that the State is Failed but there are no errors.  Can anyone guide me in how to reintroduce this drive to the system?

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          Some questions:

          What is the status of the drive shown in the RAID bios?

          How many raid volumes do you have?


          Basically, I think if the raid status is shown as RAID5/1 - Failed in the Oprom bios. This means that there is no more RAID configuration. Failed RAID notify that a disk drive that is part of a virtual disk,has failed and is no longer usable.


          Note: if the other raid 5 is online, disconnect all the drives to avoid confusion and make sure to connect it back to the exactly same ports where they were before.


          Note: If the drives are shown as failed, do not re-use a failed drive.
                  When using raid, it is always advisable to have same model of drives with the same firmware revision.

          Before doing any tests:
          Usually, it is best to have a back up before performing any test as RAID is not backup. Anything can happen in practical.

          Use the latest firmware for the board and raid controller.


          1. Reboot the system into the RAID Oprom Bios
             Aim: to see if the raid status can be shown as DEGRADED
             If the array is showing as failed, follow these steps:
             a) Disconnect the first drive and check for the raid status
             If the array is showing as failed, follow these steps:  
             b) Reconnect the first drive, disconnect the second drive and check for the raid status
          If the raid is shown as degraded, replace it with a clean new drive and start the rebuild.


          Take the failed drive onto another system, and use the drive manufacturer tool to test the drive and wipe all the data. If there are no errors, you can use it for another system.

          Hope this helps a bit.


          Kind Regards,

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            Thanks for answering so quickly Rajiv!  The status of the array is showing as Degraded.  The status of the physical drive is showing as Failed but there are no errors.  A couple of questions if I may?  If I take the drive to another server and Initialise it would I then be able to re use it on the SRCU42X?  Is there ANY way to re-use this drive on the current controller?  I know (and have tested) that the drive is good and I can use it in other systems (which was the original reason for removing it from the array).

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              Hello Hazza,


              Well, if you remove the drive and re-initialise it from another server, you will lose all the data that are on the drive. How many drives are on the system? If it is shown as degraded raid 1, i would assume that there is only one drive on the system.


              If you already have a complete separate verified backup, you can clear the existing raid configuration on the drives, use the manufacturer tool to wipe out all data and recreate a new raid configuration. Make sure to update the firmware of the raid controller as well. It is always advisable to have the latest firmware.


              All the best,




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                The server has two arrays - RAID1 (degraded) and RAID5 (Optimal).  I do have a complete backup (Acronis) but would like to avoid a complete Restore.  If I initialise it on another server and lose all the data on that particular physical drive, then I'm happy with that because the array is still running with the other drive.  Really what I'm trying to establish is if I do that and reintroduce the drive to the system - will it then allow that drive to rejoin the current (degraded) array.  If so are you able to tell me what steps I need to take once the drive is plugged back in e.g. Click Spin Up then click Rebuild then click Make Online or is there a different order to bring the drive online.