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    Entry Storage System SS4200-E: Some questions before purchase


      Hello Community!


      Our little company with a staff of 6 needs a new and better NAS solution as we currently use with the D-Link DNS-323. But there are some unanswered questions before our decision for the SS4200


      - Is it possible to access the storage on PC and Mac simultanously? Which file system is being used?

      - When RAID-1 is active: Do you need the same HDD model types in order to work with SS4200-E?

      - The backup solution with EMC Retrospect: Is a incremental backup of both PC and Mac systems possible, in order to save all changed or new data of our local client PC's or Macs automatically on the SS4200-E?

      - Is it possible to configure the Storage System SS4200-E as FTP server?

      - Our existing NAS: Can we use this storage over the SS4200-E? There is only one RJ-45 connector.


      Thanks for very much for your patience :-) I'm looking forward to your answers!


      Best regards,