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    4 HDDs in Raid0 behave weird

      Hi everyone.

      I'm struggling with the following problem. I have 4 identical Seagate 7200.11 HDDs and Asus P5Q Motherboard on Intel P45 chipset. When i combine 2 HDDs in Raid-0, i'm getting 400 MB/s max and 200 MB/s avg speed, and that makes sense, because it's like double of 1 HDD's speed. (Tested by HDTach utility). I was hoping to get nearly 800 MB/s max speed and 400 MB/s average when i use all 4 HDDs in Raid-0. But i only get 450/230-ish, which is just a slight increase. In theory, you should get a linear speed growth when you use several HDDs in Raid-0, and when it comes to real life, using 4 drives instead of 2 should also give you a huge bonus, but somehow it doesn't work for me like that.

      Does anyone know what may cause that problem?