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    SRCS28x RAID Controller


      How do you delete an array on the SRCS28x RAID Controller?


      I've added 4x larger SATA drives to ports 4 - 7 (RAID 5, Array-1) and moved the data from the drives on ports 0 - 3 (RAID 5, Array-0).  I now want to delete Array-0 for I want to re-purpose the drives in a different machine.  The RAID BIOS now complains about a degraded array and the alarm sounds.  The alarm was silenced, but I do not want to keep it in the disabled state.

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          Check the guide


          Page 40


          You will need to clear the existing configuration or simply create a new configuration, it will override the existing configuration.


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            "....  the data will be lost"


            I have two arrays currently setup.  One "Array-0" that needs to be deleted and one "Array-1" that contains data.  Will one be able to clear the information for one array, or will it be done for all arrays?

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              Sure you can delete only one array.


              Go to RAID BIOS Console or RAID Web Console. Select the logical drive under "Array-0" in "Logical View" window, and then select "Delete" in the operation panel.

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                Additionally, it's not recommended to remove a drive before you take it out of an array. The reason is that the RAID card keeps two copies of RAID configuration information, one on hard drive and one on NVRAM of the RAID card. If a disk is removed but the RAID card still holds it's configuration, it'll consider it as an error and start the audible alarm.

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                  The "delete" option is available for the good array, but no options are available for the "bad" array.

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                    I am used to the Adaptec controllers that one can just delete an Array, good, degraded or off-line.  I did not want to delete the array straight away and kept the drives for a while to make sure the new array was good.  Because of past Adaptec experiences, I then re-purposed the drives while the server was running well.  On reboot, the controller complaint and it was then that I realized that I cannot just delete an Array.  I tried adding four different drives yesterday to create an array and then delete it, but it did not work.  It was stating that it is reconstructing the drives (took a long time) and eventually stopped.  All looked good, so on reboot, it complaint that the drives were off-line again and no "delete: option available.


                    I guess that the best option will be to clear the configuration in total and the do a restore from a backup.  Problem is that the server are down for a few hours everytime.



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                      Following workaround may work so that you don't have to restore everything from a backup, but make sure to backup your data first.


                      Record the current configuration (logical and physical properties), clear the configuration, then manually enter the configuration of the logical drives you want to keep by running the configuration wizard.


                      DO NOT INITIALIZE! Initializing any logical drive destroys existing data.

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                        I have the same problem with SRCS28x. Can I do clear & reconfiguration steps in RAID Web Console or I must do it in BIOS RAID Console only?



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                          It depends - RAID Web Console wouldn't let you delete OS drive. If your OS is installed on a RAID drive you can only clear the configuration in BIOS Console.