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    IDE controller or hard drive failure?




      This ties into my previous post asking where the complete POST code listings are for all BIOSes used by Intel in their desktop boards. I have disconnected two drives from my D845GEBV2 IDE buses except for a 1) Quantum hard drive as primary master and a (2) CD ROM drive as secondary master. If I disconnect the Quantum HD, the system boots using the CD in the CD ROM drive. If I connect the Quantum HD, then the system hangs with a black screen and no cursor.


      However, due to the problems with booting, I installed the Quantum in another computor and it booted to that HD. When it's in the problem system, the results are as above.


      Does anyone have an educated, if not experienced, guess as to what the actual failed component is? I would guess that it is with the desktop board's IDE controller but don't know what that POST code of 87 means. An Intel page provides a boot problem wizard but doesn't discuss such problems.


      Any help is appreciated, at least for future troubleshooting.


      Thanks, Jeff