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    Processor Upgrade Question


      I currently have a 2.5 year old Gateway FX510S PC with an Intel E6600 Core2Duo processor.  I would like some more processing power and was hoping to swap out the current CPU with a faster one.  My motherboard is a Gateway OEM version of the Intel Lavacot 975X motherboard (shows as OEMD975XLAG1).  The Gateway spec sheet says it has an LGA775 socket with a bus speed of 1066MHz.  Gateway won't provide me with any information at all (they want me to call Gateway "Answers" for $2.99/min or whatever they charge which I refuse to do on principle).  Can anyone provide any assistance as to whether a CPU upgrade is possible and if so, what Core2Duo processor(s) I can replace my E6600 with.  Many thanks in advance!