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    Availability / Release Date of 34nm X18-M "Postville" SSDs?




      Since the actual Postville Release now dates quite some time back, and the 2.5" variant is occasionally available, I wonder about what happened to the Postville version of X18-M?


      I'm about to replace my old Subnotebook with a new one, that accepts only 1.8" µSATA drives, so I would like to use the 2nd Generation 160GB X18-M in the new Subnotebook (a Sony Vaio TT).


      Now, I have searched the web for weeks, but neither could I find a single available Postville X18-M, nor any information about its actual release date. Does anybody have an ETA on this? I would love to know, so I can better plan the actual purchase. I'm waiting for this now since the first X25-M Postvilles started to show up with that - in my case negligible - firmware bug.


      So, if anybody has any idea about when the 2nd Gen X18-M will be released, such information would be greatly appreciated!