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    i want to upgrade my a1723w HP pavilion cpu


      i have a pentium D 820 2.8 GHz x2.8GHz  ,LGA 775 ... i want to upgrade to the 965 EE 3.73GHz , HP says i cant . but they said i cant run 8gb of pc2 5300 667 Mhz Ram and i am , so that shows what they know ..


      the question is  , both use the LGA 775 , both  are compatible to 1066Mhz ,is the only reason that HP says i can not run the 965 EE 3.73 because of the ram configiration product specifications ...?



      let me explan the whole ball of waxs frist .


      i am running a1723w HP pavilion it's product specification says i can only run 4x1gb for a total of 4 GB of pc2 4200 533mhz , i am running 4x2gb of pc2 5300 667 mhz for a total of 8gb ..i have 10 fans running and 3 coolers , with 1gb of graphics Geforce 9400 gt and Audgiy 2 ZS ,an cool gamer case . i am running razor fast and stable ..at 8GB ..


      i found out i can not run 2x2gb in the 1 and 3 slots , it causes a heating issue , but when i went to 4x 2gb . the heating issue was solved ..


      my question is simple


      why can' t i run the 965 3.73 cpu ...?

      if you say its because the product specifications say i can't . i am going to scream !


      i am not over clocking yet   .and i have no issues as of right now ..i like this Pc ...i am going to make it run the way i want it to or watch it crash and burn ...


      but the question is can i run  the 965 EE 3.73 . if not why ?

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          i have the P5LP-LE (Leonite) with LGA 775 ,running pentium D 820 daul core 2.8 x 2.8  ,

          the only diffrence i see is the size of 2m vs 4m .. both can use the 1066MHz ,both are in the pentium D family ..


          if the system requires 64 bit OS ,and the only reason my computer product specifications say i can not run 64 bit is because of the lack of ram . that is no longer a issue now , i have advanced past the 4gb of ram issue to 8gb ..


          dose anyone out there under stand what i am asking ? i beleive i can rewrite the 2M chache and change the settings to 4M ..i want my A.R.C. system  to  trick the CPU into thinking the system is bigger then it is ..straight razor fast and lean ...erase the lemits ...i dont want the CPU i have to bottle next the data flow ..if i exspand the CPU the system would be wide open with no lemits ,,,if i want a free thinking A.R.C. system i have to risk it all .. but with sound logic to guide the upgrades ..my piont ids if i have already step beyond the lemits of the product specifications where am i now and can i reach out to this level of CPU to stablize at a higher level...? and yes i know its a crazy idea but so was running 8gb of ram ...