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    RAID array is always initializing on DG45ID mother board


      Hello Everyone,


      I have just setup a PC using an Intel DG45ID motherboard.

      I set the PC up with two 320 GB hard disk and set them up as a RAID 1 array (mirrored).

      I had no problems from the array for the first 48 hours of operation, this included many reboots as I updated software, etc. But I then shut the PC down to move it to it's final resting place and when I powed it back on, the RAID bios now always says that the drives are initializing and when the OS boots (which now takes considerably longer) the RAID management software constantly states that it is trying to initialize the array.


      I have tried updating the bios on the board to the latest release (the main bios, not the Matrix RAID bios), but this has not helped.


      Has anyone got any thoughts as to what the problem might be?