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    Intel Management Engine Interface for Series 3 boards for Windows 7?


      I need a driver for Windows 7 for a G33 motherboard for the IMEI.  So far, Intel has not posted anything for a series 3 board for Windows 7.  Have they abandonded the Series 3?  I hate to think I can't install Windows 7 because Intel hasn't updated this driver.  Does anyone know if this driver will be available?  My computer is less than two years old and would hate to have to buy another MOBO just to use Windows 7.  Do I even need the Intel Management Engine Interface on a home computer?  Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says everything else is fine just the IMEI is not compatable.  This is sad.

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          I have a nearly identical need, though I do not know my motherboard designator. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says upgrade from my Vista Ultimate on a Gateway DX441X desktop is all OK except for one incompatibility: my Intel Management Engine Interface is not compatible with Windows 7. My IMEI driver version is dated 3/13/2007 and is built by WinDDK. My system is just over a year old and is a home system, not an enterprise system. What would happen if I installed Windows 7 on my system? Would I lose any functionality with any devices? I have spent about 2 hours searching the Intel website for info on this but come up with nothing that helps.