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    Intel 7260 Bluetooth MediaPlayPause does not work


      I have seen this issue with the 7260 ac card two years ago where play/pause button does not work from bluetooth devices, BUT next/previous track works.

      When I go to map the hotkeys within my media player, it does not pick up MediaPlayPause, but it does pick up MediaNextTrack and MediaPreviousTrack when I press the buttons on my bluetooth speaker.

      This is not an issue with the media player as my bigfoot 1202 card is able to play/pause without any issues.


      I gave up on this issue two years ago as no one else has ever asked about it.

      This year, I bought a newer model of the 7260 ac, and I have different bluetooth speakers and a different laptop (Windows 8.1)

      I was able to get play/pause to work randomly a few times, and it seems to only work when the media player is in the foreground. Next/Previous track button works always even if the media player is minimized.


      I updated to the latest bluetooth drivers 17.1.1501.512 and still encountering the same issue.

      Remote control is enabled in the bluetooth services.


      I really need this issue fixed so that I can use the play button from the shower.

      What can be causing this issue?