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    ICH10R: Can I do RAID and still have another non-RAID drive?


      This is my first post here - I'm somewhat of a newb to RAID (and SATA for that matter).  Just built a new core i7 system with an MSI Eclipse-plus motherboard. I'm using the ICH10R controller on the MB to control 2 128GB SSD's in RAID 0, which seems to be working just fine.

      Question: The ICH10R controls 6 SATA ports (0 - 5) on my MB. Since I'm using only 2 of these for the RAID (ports 0 and 2), shouldn't I still be able to plug in other drives (either another SATA HDD or a CD/DVD optical drive) into one or more of the remaining 6 ports and use them as normal?

      I tried doing this with a WD640GB drive, but BIOS didn't seem to indicate it was there.

      Thanks for any help any of you could provide.