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    Bringing a desktop board out of storage


      Long story short I am in the US Army and my desktop was in transit/storage for about 5 months.  It appears to work LED lights up when it has power, the drives spin and light up, etc. 


      So basically my question is, are there specific steps to bringing a desktop board out of long term storage.  My guess is the board's battery died while being away from electricity for so long.  I've had it plugged in for about 8 hours now and still to no avail.  I do get 3 bios beeps.  I looked it up and that said something about memory, I cleaned and reseated my memory, even tried with only a single dimm. 


      Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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          What board do you have? and what are the symptoms? As in there is nothing on screen?

          If you are getting three beeps on an intel board with the memory in it means that the memory is faulty (well actually what it is tellign you is taht it can't find the memory) which would account for nothing on screen. So if the above is correwct then you need to test your DIMMs one by one, if none of them work then you will need to get some other memory to test.

          hope this helps

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            I have a DX38BT.  My PC will buzz and whir but nothing shows up on the monitor, no USB activity, etc.  More or less it starts but doesn't run if you will.  I hope you are wrong about my memory because I would hate to be out of 6 GB of RAM.  I have tried a each single DIMM (2048 DIMMs X 2 and 1024 DIMMs X 2) and so far to no avail.  Currently I am in South Korea, and I don't exactly have a lot access to additional resources.  So hopefully we can find a workaround.


            Let me know, thanks