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    going to design a device


      I'm going to design an electronic reader like amazon kindle

      I'm beginner (please direct me to good place if this place is not good for my question)

      my device should have 1-2GB storage , Touch screen display (6"  600*800), wi-fi, usb port (power and data) , audio, keyboard

      my knowledge about eReader refer to amazon kindle and I found good processor for my device Intel® PXA255 Processor

      1. Do I need motherboard or somethings like it for base hardvares or processor is enough ?

      2. what about OS? I have to install OS (java platform) myself ?

      3. where can I find price of Intel® PXA255 Processor and other tools

      please advice me if I am in wrong way to solve my problems.


      *also I couldn't download pdf in the following link


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          I found answer of my first question which I need to have a board  for processor and all other tools asemble on it

          my next step is finding good company to asemble what I need!

          Is there anybody who could help me about my way to reach a approximate price of my advanced eBook (like as kindle and sony eBook)