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    D975XBX2 - Vista Install does not detect SATA drive



      I'm putting together a D975XBX2 system.  I'm trying to install Vista and have a brand new sata drive in the system.  BIOS does not detect the HD in the drive configuration but it does detect in the boot configuration and the RAID controller.


      When I get to Vista setup concerning which device to install, it does not see the drive.  Help please?

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          D975XBX2 has 8 SATA ports, 4 connected to ICH7R (black) and 4 connected to Marvell SATA controller (blue and red). Which SATA port are you using?


          For Marvell, you'll need to load Marvell driver during OS installation. For ICH7R, there are two modes in BIOS, native SATA and Matrix RAID. If you're using natice SATA, no driver is needed. But if you have enabled Matrix RAID, Matrix Storage Driver is required during OS installation.


          Sounds a little bit complex right? If you're using only one hard drive, connect it to any of the back SATA ports and load BIOS default, and no additional driver should be required. But if you plan to move to a RAID solution in the future, I'd suggest you use Matrix RAID or Marvell controller.