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    Newby trying first build


      I'm confused!!  I need info as to what memory sticks configuration I can use (DD3) on a DP45SG MB.  Being new to this the Owners Manual is not

      clear to me as to what slots can or should be populated.  So if I want:

      2GB DDR3 can I use (1) 2GB or (2) 1GB

      4GB DDR3 can I use (2) 2GB or (4) 1GB or (1) 4GB.

      6GB DDR3 can I use (3) 2GB or (1) 2GB and (1) 4GB.

      8GB DDR3 can I use (4) 2GB or (2) 4GB


      Thanks for helping a newby.

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          Ok, first you need to understand you have two channels, A and B for your RAM.  Each channel has two DIMMs: DIMM 0 and DIMM 1.  If you install only one DIMM (memory sticks as you so aptly called them) then install it on channel A DIMM 0.  If you wish to install two of the same DIMMs (i.e. two 512MBs 800MHz DDR3 DIMMS), install one on channel A DIMM 0 and one on channel B DIMM 0.  If you wish to install a total of three DIMMs it starts to get tricky.  You need have a bit of parity between your two channels.  For example you need to occupy both DIMMs in channel A with the same amount and speed of RAM, as stated before.  Then in DIMM 0 of channel B you need to match the total amount of RAM and speed in channel A.



          Channel A

               DIMM 0- 512MB 800MHz DDR3

               DIMM 1- 512MB 800MHz DDR3

          Channel B

               DIMM 0-  1024MB 800MHz DDR3

               DIMM 1- empty


          Any additional configurations will depend on the speed and size of your RAM.  Mostly it is a fair bet to use all the same RAM from the same manufacturer to get the best result.  Personally I like to use the same module X2,3,4 as needed instead of mixing amounts of total memory per DIMM. 


          Hope this helps.    

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