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    DG45ID, if PCIe RAID Card inserted -> no on Board Video




      my Setup

      Intel DG45ID Motherboard with (latest) 113 BIOS Firmware.

      8 GB RAM (Kingston - 800 - 5 - 5 - 15)

      Intel 3G Quadcore

      HP Compaq SmartArray P400 SAS RAID

      EIZO 22 S2200 Monitor (DVI)


      my Configuration

      (tried all set to defaults)

      Currently, i disabled all unneeded function (Audio, Firewire).

      Set Video to "OnBoard" so no "Auto detect" for PCI oder PCIe.



      my Problem

      If i power up the system with the PCIe RAID Adapter plugged in (into the PCIe x16 bank), the system is booting up but i  got no video.

      Why i am so sure the system is booting up?

      First, everything "sounds" correctly, POST is going fine, Harddrives spinning up and CD-ROM is checking.

      Second, i quickly setup a BOOTP Server (the OnBoard NICs are doing PXE Boot by default), and the System is popping up getting an IP Adress.



      my Conclusion

      The BIOS seems to be "buggy" it just says "Hey there is a card in the PCIe x16 Slot, it has to be a video card so i turn off my Video function".

      This does happen even if the BIOS is set to use the OnBoard Video only.


      What i need?

      A BIOS Update or tipp to solve this dilema.

      This surely seems to be a software failure as the RAID Card is working fine (tested and brand new).



      What i am going to test in the next 3 days

      I ordered a cheap PCI Video card (40$).

      Maybe he will give me video with this one plugged in.


      As i do not have a HDMI Ready Monitor at hand i can't test the HDMI Output.

      But i am guessing the HDMI Signal is just for HDCP based output and is using the same signal processor as the DVI Port.


      Any help is appreciated.

      I invested nearly 2000$ in this setup an almost 48 hours of work just to figure out that all parts are fine by itself.



      with greetings from Berlin,



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          i "solved" the probkem.


          The solution


          Option 1.)

          Use a DVI->VGA Adapter and connect your Monitor (if it is Oldschool enough) via VGA


          Option 2.)
          Buy a cheap PCI Video card


          I tried both and it worked.




          The conclusion:

          As many people already figured out, after 4 days of wasted time and efforts i totally agree "the Intel 4 Serie Mainboards are the worst Intel product ever fabricated".

          It is hard to say that for me, as i am a long time Intel customer (since 1998).

          In just 4 days i encountered nearly every described and known problem with the 4 Series.

          Starting at very very problematic BIOS Updates ( i ended up with a custom Freedos Image using and old iflash.exe Version from 2008 ) just to flash the BIOS.

          Over the described Video Bug, which is really cheap and awfull by the way.

          Ending with the fact das none of this Boards seems to able to support other vendors EFI Option ROMs correctly.

          The only reply you get from support is "If it is not working then there is nothing we can do".

          Every IT Expert knows that an answer like this is not true by any means.


          So for me there is only one thing left to say.

          Goodbye Intel.


          I cant stop thinking about the fact, that Intel has released such crap...



          with greetings from Berlin,



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            Maybe a UP server board like S3200SH is more suitable for your usage model?

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              I have just invested in a DG43NB, a bunch of hard-drives and an expensive RAID card just to come to realize that no matter what settings I apply in the BIOS, the on board video card seems to be disabled when I insert the RAID card in the PCIe x16 slot.


              Is there any way around this apart from buying more hardware?  Shouldn't the BIOS NOT attempt to use my RAID card as a graphics card when I select the onboard graphics card (IGD) as the primary?  I would love a BIOS update that takes care of this, any chance of this happening?

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                Word, I hear you. I feel the same way.  At the very least, thanks for the advance notice!!  It's like they are saying "Our product is the best!! You'll love it! It handles the latest video demands flawlessly! (except if you actually use the latest video technology...then it's totally worthless. But you'll find that out soon enough. Enjoy, sucker!)

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                  HI Robert,


                  have you successfully use your raid card with intel dg45id ? Could you share your configuration ?


                  I do have a same problem, and i using dvi-to-vga adapter just to have a video output from dg45id, but unfortunately my raid storage controller card isnt working (using supermicro aoc-saslp-mv8).


                  Any suggestion ?


                  greetings from jakarta - indonesia