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    DG41TY - 2 Bios Beeps & error codes 50 and EB - what is wrong


      DG41TY - 2 Bios Beeps & error codes 50 and EB - what is wrong


      I have been using my new DG41TY motherboard along with the Q9550 processor for 2 days. The system seems to be working OK and I am especially pleased with the sound I get when I link the audio output to my stereos. My operating system is Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit, so I do not have access to any of the diagnostic software that is available for Windows systems.


      My problem is that every time I boot the system I hear two high-pitch beeps: one just before the screen lits at all and the second when the operating system starts to load (there is text about Grub etc).


      Moreover there are what I take to be error codes on the lower right hand side of the screen. From the very first "50" is visible. Then it is replaced by "EB" and then that fades away. After that my computer boot and runs smoothly.


      From various Intel pages I have gathered that 2 bios beeps may mean "Parity Error". Code "50" seems to relate to PCI cards etc. Similarly EB = "Calling Legacy Option ROMs".


      I have tried to find what is wrong and I have removed, in turn,


      - 2 memory chips (both Kingston KVR667D2N5/2G)


      - my PCIe-card (my only PCI-device)


      - connection to cd-dvd device


      - connection to the front USB slot


      - connection to the front audio slots.


      Nothing has been helpful so far. The two beeps and error codes appear every time I boot the system.


      The system monitor utility of Ubuntu shows appropriate memory and 4 working processors. The temperature and voltage readings available from the Bios system seem to be OK.


      So what do the beeps and error codes signify? Is there something wrong with the motherboard. I have no PCI devices, so those slots remain untested.


      The only thing that is slightly unusual with the system is that I use a SATA 2,5" hard disk (Samsung Springpoint M6 320GB). The symptoms also appeared when I used the IDE cable to connect the HDD with the motherboard. (That is possible using the Sugoi adapter SATA-TR2535 available from System Talks, Inc. Japan.)


      By the way, the motherboard package came with a legacy IDE cable that is defective: it fits so loosely with the motherboard slot that the cable falls of by itself. I am using my old cable to with the cd-dvd device, but disconnecting the cable still left me with the error signals.


      Would it not be a great idea, if Intel released their system tools as bootable cd-roms, making the tools available to all possible operating systems?


      Should I suspect something is wrong with the motherboard? Please let me know if you have any ideas.


      Thank you!


      -- Jorma