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      Can I run Windows 2000 Pro with the DG41RQ motherboard. If so, is there a W2KPro graphics driver included. On your website I could only find drivers for WindowsXP and later. I realize W2K is old, but this motherboard will be in a machine that only runs my website using IIS.




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          I'm a member of the intel community .I also own a dg41rq, As per as intel.com we may try to run 2000 because of compability of drivers.

          Xp,vista,2000 all are build on the nt kernel ... You may try to install driver of xp in 2000. It may work otherwise not.

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            I resolved the video problem by installing a PCI video card and using the drivers that came with the card. Now, since the utility CD that came with the DG41RQ board will not even run under Windows 2000 how do I find the chip set drivers for the board? I need the LAN drivers and the Audio drivers. Any suggestions?