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    Help finding the latest hardware specific Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver for my laptop?


      I have the latest generic version of my VGA driver, Intel HD Graphics 3000.

      My laptop (Gateway NV57H) originally came with a hardware specific version of the driver.


      The problem is that when I go to Gateway's website to find the latest version of my specific display driver (or any driver for that matter), all of the "latest" drivers are dated from 2011-2012. This is probably because my computer is old and no longer supported, so Gateway no longer bothers adding updated drivers for it.


      Furthermore, the "latest" video driver listed for my computer running Win7 64-bit is so old (from 2012) that it is not supported for hardware acceleration on many of my browsers / applications. This is why I decided to get the latest generic driver, which apparently is causing BSODs on occasion when I run Minecraft. Basically, I'm stuck between a getting an old working driver that doesn't support hardware acceleration and a glitchy new driver that causes BSODs.


      Can you help me find a current hardware-specific VGA driver for my laptop model? I have no idea how to find it since my laptop manufacturer no longer supports my computer or its drivers, but I believe it is based off the chipset or something? I'm not sure how to research this and fear I would likely just install another incorrect driver, please help.