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    DN2800MT no power downstream of input PFET.


      I am powering the board with modified ATX and 12V via DC input jack. Things worked good for about 2 months.  One time I pulled the DC input plug without shutting the PC off first.  And after that board would not boot.  I have 12V at the inlet, but none of the other supplies come up.  Both inlet PTC fuses buzz out good.  Input pfet is SOIC-8, Single Quad Drain, Triple Source.  I have 12V at the source(inlet side) I do not have 12v on the quad drain.  I am also noticing that on the drain side of the PFET, power and ground are shorted.  I get continuity across some of the big caps.  I lifted the gate pin of the PFET and power and grounds are still shorted.  So there is an issue downstream of PFET.  Any help would be appreciated.