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    Promlems with Intel MPI ?


      I have trouble with running Intel MPI on cluster with different different numbers of processors on nodes (12 and 32).

      I use Intel MPI 4.0.3 and it works correctly on 20 nodes with 12 processors (Intel(Xeon(R)CPU X5650 @2.67)) at each, and all processors works correctly, then I try to run Intel MPI on other 3 nodes with 32 processors (Intel(Xeon(R)CPU E5-4620 v2@2.00) at each and they work correctly too.

      But when I try to run my tasks on all nodes with different types of processors and the same type of Intel MPI I cant use more than 48 processors. Spead falls. I use option --machinefile

      mpirun -machinefile mpihosts.txt ./wrf.exe

      mpihosts.txt (cn01:12





      How can I use Intel MPI 4.0.3 correctly on all of these nodes?