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    Intel Edison and LCD


      I have a simple LCD attached to my Edison Arduino board. It uses 4 digital pins (not I2C) and works well in Arduino UNO. However, I can not make it work on Edison Arduino board. It powers up, but nothing comes up to the display when running the LCD (LiquidCrustal) demos. Any ideas what I am missing?


      The LCD is OSEPP LCD KEYPAD SHIELD Rev. 1.0.

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          Hi, Jari


          What version of IDE are you using? Also, which LiquidCrystal library are you using, the one that comes by default in the Arduino IDE or the one provided in the shield website (extended LiquidCrystal)?




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            From Edison terminal:

            configure_edison --version



            Arduino is version 1.6.0+Intel. I am using the extended LiquidCrystal downloaded from the OSEPP web page. However, I also tried with another LCD (from another manufacturer) using Arduino version of the LiquidCrystal. Could not get this LCD to work either. Anyway, it works in Arduino Uno something is not right with Edison.




            -- Jari

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              Paul Bearne

              Do you have vshield J9 set to 5v? In had a problem with a similar display where the contrast wouldn't work with vshield at 3v3 Caution if not make sure any other shields are 5v tolerant before switching.

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                Yes, the jumper is in the default position, 5V.

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                  It seems that there is something wrong with Interl Arduino IDE 1.6.0.

                  The pinMode commend is not implemented in the library.


                  add these code in the setup():

                      pinMode(8, OUTPUT);
                       pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
                       pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
                       pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
                       pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
                       pinMode(7, OUTPUT);

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                    Thanks. This helps. From the OSEPP LCD examples I can now run ButtonTest correctly. However, BarChart is not working properly. The drawing of the bar is extremely slow. Things do not change if I change the delay() value, or comment out the delay(). Also, GuessTheNumber is not working correctly (not returning from waitButton() or waitReleaseButton(). I have Arduino for Edison 1.6.0 (Mac version).