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    What makes T7250 4-star processor while T6400 is 3-star processor?


      Hello everyone,


      I'm planning to upgrade my laptop's CPU to any 2.0 Core 2 Duo. There are 3 possible models for me to elect one: T7250, T6400, and P7350. P7350 is some more expensive than the others. So I intend to elect between T6400 and T7250 because I've found them for the same price.


      When I check the link above I see that T6400 is the most recent one as same specs -but lithography- with T7250. However what I don`t get is that T7250 is 4-star processor while T-6400 is a 3-star one as showed on the page http://www.intel.com/consumer/rating.htm.   :S:S


      What makes the difference? Is that VT?


      Additionally, could anyone tell what "Supplemental SKU" is? Because T6400 has it but T7250 does not.