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    S5520SC motherboard is not compatible win7 and win2008r2

      Motherboard: intel_S5520SC * 1
      CPU: Xeon E5520 * 2
      Memory: South DDR3-1333 2GB ecc-reg * 6
      Graphics: Sapphire HD4830 * 1

      Install Windows 7 RTM 7600.16385 Ultimate x64, there is a very serious pause, listening to music seemed to have a mixed sound card issued by electric noise.
      Motherboard BIOS to the latest S5500.86B.01.00.0038.06012009, open the dual-channel.

      1, the default drive, there is a very serious pause (card), pause (card), the issue seemed to have a sound card to listen to music, mixed electrical noise.

      2, install the drivers
      Graphics 9.9 simplified Chinese version of For Win7/Win7-64 with other low-edition
      Version 2.33 sound card For Win7/Win7-64 with other low-edition
      Chipset intel_chipset_v9.1.1.1012 and other low-edition

      Problems still remain.

      3, the installation win2008r2 with win7 Enterprise Edition is the same.

      4, for NVIDIA FX580 graphics problems still remain.

      Not just what reason?

      Estimate may be the reason for multi-core or a motherboard driver problem?
      Have been tested, alone is the same cpu, turn off Hyper-Threading, the problem remains.

      Eventually, a decision would be the motherboard bios surface larger.