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    Can't install drivers for Intel HD 4000.



      Recently i ugpraded my graphic card from GeForce GTX 550 Ti to Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x. Everything went smooth and i was enjoying my new card for 2 days. I have 2 screens one is plugged to radeon and second was plugged to my Motherboard VGA socket. After 2 days i wanted to upgrade my Windows Experience Index, because it was outdated. During the actualisation of Index my PC froze. I restarted it by after this event my second monitor, the one plugged to Motherboard( which i presumie was controled by my Intel HD 4000 card from my i7 3770k processor) stopped working, and Intel HD card appeared as unrecognized device in device manager. I tried to reinstall drivers but in did nothing so i did a format and installed fresh system, but unfortunetly Intel HD was still urecognized device and now i cant even install drivers for it. Whenever i try to instal drivers either from producer of my MOBO or from intel it says that i do not meet minimum requirements. Does someone know how to solve this problem? I would like to use my second screen and i cant plug it to Graphic card since it does not have second VGA output.

      My PC:

      motherboard AsRock Z77-pro3

      processor Intel i7 3770k

      ram 2x 4gb patriot viper

      graphic card Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x

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          Hi, Hans_diavel


          This is most likely a setting in the mother BIOS, do you have hybrid graphics enabled?

          I would suggest trying to install the Intel graphics driver but remove the graphics card first just to see if this device is interfering with the installation. Let me know if this works.

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            I already tried that and unfrotunately it didnt work. My BIOS does not have settings for hybrid graphics, i can only choose whether i would like to use PCI-Express or just PCI for graphic output, today i took out my Radeon card and tried to run computer with Intel HD only, in return i got 5 bips witch stands for no graphic card attached on my motherboard. I also tried taking out battery to reset CMOS, stil it didn;t work. Honestly i don't know what is left to do, I think i have tried everything. Since launching that Windows Experience Index i can;t get my intel HD to work. Also if it changes anything, i noticed that since Experience Index actualisation whenever im playing World Of Tanks my PC just shuts down, just like it would lost power. It doesn;t happen in more requiring games like GTA 5, and also it didnt happen before Experience Index actualistaion. Is it possible that during upgrade of Experience Index, Windows messed up my power supply?

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              If you got motherboard beep codes indicating no video when you remove the video card, then you probably have a problem with the motherboard, this happens before the system boots so I don’t think this would be an operating system problem. I suggest the next step to be to call the manufacturer for support.