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    NUC5i5RYH makes "exploding" sound


      Hi there,


      I got an Intel Nuc recently and I have had problems with it ever since.


      I have my current computer connected to my Philips TV, and the idea was to replace the current computer with this Intel NUC. So when I plug in NUC and try to boot up with a live USB installed with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS something unexpected happens... There is a crackling sound coming from the NUC. It's very uncomfortable, as if the equipment is about to explode.


      I have recorded a small snippet with my phone so you can hear it too: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5cpg2iwmg4uetz/Sound.mp4?dl=0

      Note that my hand shakes at one point during the 22 seconds. Note also the sound at the same moment. I really thought that the device would explode and my reflexes kicked in.


      I have tried 3 different Ubuntu installations with the same cracking sound present. Some have speculated that it may be graphical problems because Broadwell is so new (hence the three different Ubuntus) and others believe it may simply be a defective product that I have received.

      When I finally manage to boot up to the desktop (where everything works as it should), the noise is still present. The sound is not continuous. Since I do not know what is causing the noise, I dare not leave the NUC on for a long time, especially not unattended.


      I have thought about if it's the NUC and Ubuntu not agreeing with each other, but can that really produce that crackling sound? It points more towards a hardware issue, right?

      The power adapter and memory are supposed to compatabible. So I have checked that.


      I should also inform you that I am using a HDMI adapter (as you know, the NUC has a HDMI-mini port), and I don't have the chance to unplug it (not that I have any reason to believe it has anything to do with this issue).  


      What do you all think?




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          If it's making that kind of noise, I would return it if where you purchased it they have a return policy (30 days usually) and you're still within that window.


          If not, someone from Intel should come on board with more information for you. Hang in there !


          I have the exact same unit going on 2 months without issues...so far

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            Thanks for the response. You don't think it has anything to with the kind of OS (ubuntu) I am trying to boot up with?


            Or TV-set?

            Or HDMI-adapter I am using?


            I am afraid that even if I get a replacement unit, it will be the same. And THEN it will be hard to convince the retailer of "undoing" the purchase.


            Your unit; are you running Windows on it?

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              I'm running Windows 8.1


              If you know for sure that the sound is coming from the NUC uint, I would return it.

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                Hi FZ101


                I have tested several of these units with different OS and I have never had any unusual sounds, it is best you have it replaced.

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                  Hi Fz101,


                  just checking to see if you were able to resolve the sound issue.

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                    Hi hansb_intel,


                    Unfortunately it hasn't been going all that well. The problem is still there. I have been in contact with Intels support and we've been trying different things. Now the only thing that remains is returning it. I doubt that I will replace it because I don't trust the product (meaning I don't believe it's only a defect copy I've gotten).

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                      AN UPDATE:


                      I returned the device recently. But not before I figured out that the issue was probably with the sound drivers for the new Nuc (even the sound card is a brand new model for the series). Why do I say that? Well, because of 3 reasons:

                      1. I adjusted the volume on the TV (I don't have a TV-signal and use external speakers so the TV-volume doesn't affect anything normally, so that is why I hadn't thought of it) and the exploding sound turned to a whimper. Up until that point I always plugged in either my headphones to the NUC's 3.5 mm port or my external speakers. I never tried without, to see if the HDMI cable would deliver sound on its own. BUT despite me muting the sound with the mute button the whimper was still there... Logically, if the exploding sound was lowered by me lowering the volume, it should have disappeared completely when the sound was muted, but strangely it didn't.

                      2. It turns out that the HDMI doesn't carry sound to the TV as it should. There is no audio at all if I don't plug in headphones or external speakers. And yes; I did try another HDMI-cable and HDMI-port on the TV with the same results.

                      3. I tried an older NUC model (DN2820FYKH) and it worked fine. I put on a youtube video and the sound came out beautifully through the HDMI and in to the TV-speakers, without any external speakers or headphones.



                      So my conclusion is that the audio drivers through HDMI is not working (despite me upgrading to Ubuntu 15.04 and got some other issues solved as displayed in this thread). It works fine through external speakers and headphones though.

                      Does this make any sense to some technical person out there? If so, mind explaining it?