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    Graphic shared memory problem?


      Hy guys, I have some problem with my motherboard AsRock H81 DGS R2.0 and i3 processor 4160.

      Memory is 2x4gb kingstone 1600 mhz.


      In BIOS I can only set maximum of 1024 mb shared memory for GPU, but on your specification says that max size is 1,7 gb.

      But in windows in advanced settings in display I see that "Total available graphic memory" is 1.7 gb, but under that says that system shared memory is 1 gb.


      How can I set shared memory to 1.7 gb?




      I have latest bios drivers, and latest i3 graphic drivers.


      Please help! Is this bug on motherboard or maybe to change drivers on motherboard?


      When I run GTA 5, in graphics says that there is only 984 mb graphic memory. It runs fine (30-34 fps) on lowest settings.