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    Flickering caused by Intel HD Graphics?


      I just bought an Asus X454LD a few days back with a little issue.

      Originally purchased it last 5/5/15 and after a day of use the screen started to flicker all of a sudden. There are no specific times or programs that could trigger this flicker, it just happens. I assumed it's a hardware defect or something like that.


      So 5 days after the purchase, I went back to the Asus store were I originally got it and they immediately replaced it. As I got home and did some updates, the flicker is still there! So I'm suspecting that the problem that causes this is software. The laptop does come along with a discrete GPU (820m) but I believe what's running the actual display is the Intel HD graphics (4400) and it will just be switched to the discrete GPU if necessary. I have provided a picture and a video so you can see it for yourself.


      Note: This was a part of a 20min long video I took just to get a shot of the problem (oh, and the video is slowed in speed)


      Picture: (notice the desktop wallpaper)



      Video (at around 0:20 - 0:25)



      Thanks !